As a Medium/Sensitive the ability to receive messages from the spirit world has always been a part of my life. Some say instinct is what drives us in making decisions and guiding us on our journey. I believe our intuition and direction is sourced much deeper through connections from passed loved ones, ancestral spirits, guides, and Angels.
​​      When I was younger I was terrified of the dark and I didnt like scary movies always screaming the loudest. Visiting haunted places or houses during halloween was certainly not the norm. Constantly seeing, hearing, and feeling things differently than those around me was hard to explain let alone comprehend. Being unsure of why I was able to perceive what others could not I spent many years attempting to push these happenings from my mind.​
       It is important to understand that when there is a message from Spirit that you try to ignore, it becomes more pronounced and nearly impossible to avoid. One day I gave up trying to suppress these messages and asked for spiritual help. A wonderful miracle occurred and peace, calm, and satisfaction followed. From that day forward I have served as a conduit to the spirit realm; sought by so many for guidance and direction and relaying some of the most beautiful healing and revealing messages that could possibly unfold.

Angels always light the way.

Navarre, FL 32566, USA

"Six years ago, I found myself buried under an avalanche of grief from traumatic loss. I was lost, broken, and had absolutely no hope. So, when a friend asked me to visit her spiritual healer, I was skeptical, reluctant, and convinced it would be a waste of time. I was not sure what to expect but within the first ten minutes was astonished as my doubt and apathy fell away. The experience was not only comforting, but Haskell revealed heart-wrenching details relative to the events that had brought about my devastation – details I had never shared with anyone else. His unique gift of communication with spirit guides and guardian angels provides him with a profound ability to not only guide but to heal a haunted heart and shattered life. I have come to deeply appreciate having Haskell as my guide, my Sherpa, when I lose my way. I am forever grateful for his assisting me in learning to trust even the dark corners of my heart for that is where my most profound creative inspiration can be found. But most of all, I will always cherish his empathy and insight into the spiritual realm which allowed him to pull me back from the edge. Haskell reframed my trauma, provided much needed answers to give me peace, and literally saved my life."
- Janetta Gee

​"Haskell and his wife Joyce came into my shop approximately four years ago and we immediately had a strong spiritual connection. It felt as if we had known each other for thousands of years. I was in the middle of a lot of changes in my life and he helped me to understand what was happening around me both personally and professionally. It was  very hard to deal with some of the changes, because it involved people who had been in my life for a long time that I needed to let go of in order to move forward. If you want Truth. He speaks the truth! He is very straight forward and honest in what he sees and speaks, he will help you. Haskell cannot do it for you! So be prepared to face things with an open mind and an open heart and want to make changes in your life and be able to handle the truth. If you can. The truth will set you free."

– Margie

​"As president of the largest metaphysical organization along the Emerald Coast, I come across many Sensitives (Mediums & Psychics).  My personal readings from Haskell were most remarkable and amazingly accurate. There were things that no one could know; dreams I’ve had and not shared, distant contact just hours before my reading, and a wellness evaluation – with a fix, that worked! Haskell is certainly tapped into the realms of the unseen worlds around us. His extrasensory perception is wonderful and reminds me of my cousin Sensitive Bobby Drinnon."

- Debra Bussell

"Haskell walked into my life when I needed him most, just as an angel does. He reconnected me with my sister who passed in 2010 and helped me to heal, let go and forgive both my sister and myself, from our turbulent relationship. His visions and insights were beyond believable...Things no one could've known but me. He is truly one of the most insightful, intuitive and compassionate people I've ever met and I feel so blessed to have had him walk into my life (that very special day) when he did!"
– C.R.B.

"I was suffering from long term ailments which traditional methods had not provided relief. Haskell informed me when I sought a session with him the reading suggested an herbal remedy and very soon the symptoms were relieved. He suggested a schedule and process that I have followed successfully for three years. Haskell also assisted me with hot flashes that no other resource has mentioned to my awareness.  My life has been blessed Thanks to Haskell"

-Debbie Reinertson




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