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‚ÄčFrequently Asked Questions

1. How would a reading benefit me?
In order for us to have a healthy energy. Mind, Body , and Soul must be in alignment. To begin the healing process one must first identify troubled areas (Spiritual, emotional, or physical). Through Spirit the message is received and the healing process can begin. By identifying what to address, this helps us heal in these three primary areas.

2. Am I able to bring a friend?

Yes, a friend is always welcome to accompany you to the reading and they will be able to sit in session with you if you allow it. Sessions are normally only for one person and when two are present messages for both will come through. When this occurs focus will be returned to the primary subject and the session continues. Group sessions are available and can be prearranged when booking your appointment.

3. Is video recording or taping my session allowed?
Audio recordings are accommodated. You are also able to take all the notes you would like so bringing a note pad is encouraged and highly recommended. I also document all information discussed during your session and send this information as received and the message as relayed to you when the session is complete. I will gladly send this via email or mail whichever is more convenient for you.

4. What kind of information do you need before a session?
Only what is required to set up an appointment. I do not require any other information about you, your family or anything in between for the message to emerge. If someone needs more information than this, you should be cautious of the session.

5. What can I expect in a session?
No bells & whistles, flashing lights, or crystal balls. The message comes from Spirit and the reading room is a calm and enjoyable atmosphere. The information that is relayed will be written down. Do not try to make it fit you. By writing down the information you can verify at a later time important facts you might not know or remember during the reading. It is important that you have fun during your session and be open to a positive experience.

6. How will I know that the message is from Spirit?
There is ALWAYS a validation of some type that only you know. I have never received or transmitted a message that did not. No one person knows everything about another. This validation stage is right to the heart of the matter.

7. Do you make house calls?
Yes, if it has been prearranged with my booking agent. I always travel accompanied. If you are unable to go out but still would like a session, an in-home reading can be scheduled. Travel and expenses will be charged in addition to the session fee you have selected. This type of session must be prearranged.

8. How does a phone consultation work?
If you are in need of assistance and unable to travel to me or vice versa then a phone consultation is the answer. I have clients around the world that find it impractical to come to my area whenever requesting a reading. They are comfortable with a private phone reading and understand that this is still an energy contact Session. The message is personal. I only require you to be in a calm environment. Pricing remains the same and phone consultations are only available for individual sessions.

9. Can I ask questions?
Of course! Questions are encouraged and I highly recommend that you ask questions or write them down and bring them with you to your session. The information from Spirit might not be exactly what you were thinking of because the message will be for your best and highest good.

10. How long does a session last?
It is really up to you. Once the session starts time does not matter to me so I have no idea how long I am there. My agent sets the time limits and lets me know when the session is complete. If you request more time its totally up to you and my agent barring scheduling conflicts. Appointment times are all prearranged and my booking agent sets the limit based on this arrangement. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should bring positive energy to the reading and remember to have fun.

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